Registration Procedure

Enquiry and Fee offer: Upon receipt of an enquiry, the Form F-71 Company Details Questionnaire is required to be completed by the applicant company. This form includes a declaration of a number of sites and people who work at these sites (if applicable). Based on the information provided, a detailed offer is submitted for the client’s consideration and acceptance.

If NQC found the information provided in F-71 are incorrect/untrue jeopardizing the impartiality and affecting the objectivity of management system certification (applicable standard/specification), the certification issued shall stand suspended/withdrawn & NQC shall not be responsible for any financial or creditability loss of a client.

Upon confirmation of acceptance of Nama Quality Certification fee offer and the receipt of the client’s application together with the application fee, the process of certification commences with scheduling of audits on mutually agreeable dates.

The fees quoted are calculated based on the actual time spent by the NQC  Assessors on the Assessment.   Such fees are based on working eight-hour days, excluding traveling time.  No charge will be made for absence due to sickness or public holidays.  Unless specified to the contrary, fees quoted do not cover the cost of traveling, accommodation, or other out-of-pocket expenses incurred during Assessment work. These items are recharged at cost.

NQC make the necessary arrangement such as selection of competent audit team, technical expert as per the requirement of audit stage. At initial certification audit conducted at two stages, stage -1 audit & stage -2 audits. Client documents examination & assessment of processes are varied as it depends on the type of audit (may be stage-1, stage-2, surveillance audit, pre-assessment, follow-up audit, or recertification audit). After completion of the audit, a documented report is provided to the client in each audit

PAYMENT– NQC shall submit an invoice on receipt of an ‘ACCEPTANCE OF CONTRACT’ from the Client.  Payment shall be made in advance of any Assessment or Surveillance Visit. Service Tax is added where applicable. All fees are non-returnable.

Certification & AUDIT PROCESS:

Definition of a Certificate: A Certificate is a document issued by Nama Quality Certification to the Client once the Client has demonstrated compliance to a set of certification criteria. A Certificate is generally identified by a unique number.

• If a client holds a valid Certificate that covers one site, this has to be counted as one Certificate (single-site Certificate).

• If a client holds one Certificate which covers more than one auditable site, it is still counted as one Certificate in as much as only one Certificate was issued (multiple-site Certificate). If, however, the multiple auditable sites are certified individually, then each granted Certificate has to be counted (single-site Certificate).

Stage -1 audit (DOCUMENTATION AND READINESS REVIEW) preferably an onsite review at the main site (unless otherwise limited by logistics) of the client’s management systems documentation is conducted to verify that the requirements of the appreciable management standard are satisfactory. The readiness is also reviewed for the stage-2 audit as to whether in a stipulated time frame whether the assessment may be conducted. Such readiness includes a brief understanding of Internal Audit & Management Review processes and their status. A report is issued listing any non-conformity against which corrective actions are required to be taken as per a corrective action plan to be submitted. The progress implementation of the quality management system is also assessed to agree on a tentative schedule for the stage-2 audit.

Stage-2 audit– Following the Stage -1 audit (not later than 6 months), Nama Quality Certification will conduct a full-scale Registration Assessment either at all sites or sampled (as the cases may be) to assess conformity with the requirements of the applicable standard. This will include a thorough effectiveness assessment of Internal Audit, Management Review, Corrective Action & Preventive Action Processes. A report categorizing any non-conformities or weaknesses in the implementation of the documented systems is issued.

Note# The audit report remains the property of NQC, which is submitted to the client. The audit report shall not be reproduced except in full, without the approval of NQC

CORRECTIVE ACTIONS AND FOLLOW-UP – The Company is required to submit a corrective action plan and where required objective evidence addressing the non-conformities within 30 working days for major and 20 working days for Minor Nonconformity from the date of issue of Nonconformity. For Minor non-conformities, the assessment report includes a request for a Corrective Action Plan in order to eliminate the cause of the non-conformities. Corrective actions against all major non-conformities required to be verified during Supplementary Assessment evidence of effective implementation, prior to confirmation of certification. Observations are also recorded relating to various elements of the management system but do nevertheless indicate a problem, which may need correction. Nama Quality Certification requires its applicant organization to make all necessary arrangements for the conduct of the assessment, including provision for examining documentation and the access to all areas, records (including internal audit reports), and personnel for the purposes of assessment, surveillance, reassessment and resolution of complaints);

Minor Nonconformity:

A minor nonconformity shall be allocated to a single isolated failure in the area concerned to comply with the requirement of the relevant standard under auditing or with the specified requirements the organization is subscribed to as per the scope of the standard having moderate risk, without constituting an overall system failure.

Major Nonconformity:

The absence of, or the failure to implement and maintain, one or more requirements of the relevant standard under auditing, or a situation, which would, on the basis of available objective evidence raise significant doubt as to the conformity of the product sent by the company, bearing high-risk severity.


An assessment found that does not warrant nonconformity but is identified as a potential nonconformity. Correction and Corrective actions are not mandatory but preferred.

REVIEW OF RECOMMENDATIONS – Assessors are only recommending authorities. These recommendations are impartially verified through the Review of Assessment Report Pack & for successful cases of Certification Decision

CERTIFICATION DECISIONS- Operation Manager / Panel (if required) independently reviews the recommendations and if found satisfactory issues with Certification Decision to the designated officer for the Grant of the Certification. Certification/registration shall not be granted until there is sufficient evidence to demonstrate that in addition, the arrangements for management review and internal audits have been effective and maintained.

ISSUE OF CERTIFICATE – Upon completion of the review of all audit documentation and corrective action plan being accepted, Nama Quality Certification will issue the Certification to Registration of the company. This will be subject to the due payments against the invoice(s) issued to the client are cleared by the client to Nama Quality Certification

VALIDITY AND RENEWAL OF CERTIFICATES –Certificates issued by Nama Quality Certification remain valid for a period as defined on certificate maximum up to three years from the issue date as given on certificate subject to satisfactory conformance with the certification standards as verified during periodic surveillance visits & submission of fee timely. The Certificates will be considered continued after completion of validity time as defined on certificate maximum three years needed to conduct the re-certification audit on time. An appropriate fee will be charged for recertification.

SURVEILLANCE ASSESSMENT –  Along with the Certificate the Contract condition for certification maintenance is issued to the Client.  Surveillance plan of next surveillance is also issued to Client along with audit report by Lead auditor, as to inform which processes/sites will be audited as per sample, however, System management and critical processes will be covered in every surveillance.

As one of the inputs of Contact and continuation of Certification, the Client is supposed to comply with planned Surveillance audits. Surveillance audits are conducted as per the Surveillance audit plan. IF the client fails to do the surveillance audit Client’s Registration is Suspended with intimation to suspend the use of Registration Status. The suspension period is for 6 months (3month suspension &3 months withdrawn). First 3 months the suspension may be lifted with a successful Normal Surveillance and Later 3 months maybe through a Reassessment with increased man days as applicable. In case if the attempts fail to conduct the Surveillance/ Re-Assessment within the Suspension period/withdrawn, the Registration is withdrawn. The client is notified of all communications time to time. A fresh certification cycle may be started if any Full Reassessment is done prematurely based on circumstances.

All certified companies will be subjected to yearly surveillance. NQC shall inform the registered client 2 months in advance for scheduling the Surveillance Assessment.


  • -Maintaining an effective Management System
  • – All Surveillance / Reassessments getting conducted as per schedule
  • – All corrective actions get resolved in case of a major Non-conformity or Complaint in a stipulated time frame and to the satisfaction of the Lead assessor/ Assessor.
  • – Any major change in the organization Management System is handled satisfactorily and promptly communicated to Nama Quality Certification
  • -All the fee payable has been paid to Nama Quality Certification in time.

Notice of changes by NQC:  NQC will give its certified clients due notice through NQC Forms or email for any changes to NQC  requirements or change in accreditation status for certification. Thereby NQC will verify that each certified client complies with the new requirements within the set time frame

Notice of changes by a certified client: To ensure that the certified client informs the Nama Quality Certification without delay, of matters that may affect the capability of the management system to continue to fulfill the requirements of the standard used for certification. These include changes relating to:

  • -the legal, commercial, organizational status or ownership,
  • -organization and management (e.g. key managerial, decision-making or technical staff),
  • – contact address and sites,
  • – Extension & Reduction Scope of operations under the certified management system, and
  • – Major changes to the management system and processes.
  • -update information about fatal incidents, serious injuries, occupational disease, or legal action by a regulatory authority
  • – occurrence of a serious incident or breach of regulation necessitating the involvement of the competent regulatory authority
  • – Client also informs the NQC, at the time of surveillance or recertification, of any OHS-related findings by third parties.

SUSPENSION OR WITHDRAWAL (CANCELLATION) OF CERTIFICATION – Any certificate issued by Nama Quality Certification may be suspended and subsequently withdrawn (based on the severity of the breach and a resolution period of max. 3 months) in the event of any of the following defaults by a certificate holder.

  • -If a surveillance assessment is not arranged within 3 months of the due date in response to the notice issued by Nama Quality Certification.
  • – Major lack of effective implementation corrective actions within agreed time limits in respect of non-conformities identified during Surveillance Assessment.
  • – Failure to pay appropriate fees.
  • -In default to return the certificate after withdrawal, NQC will charge/Recovered OMR. 100/- (Or Equivalent) as penalty amount from the customer company. NQC will receive the penalty amount mentioned above from the customer/ customer certificate copy by legal ways. If NQC is required use legal support to recover the penalty amount & certificate copy. The client is also liable to pay legal expenses along the penalty
  • -Continued misuse of Accreditation mark/logo e.g., misleading publications, advertisement or contravention of the stipulated conditions for the use of Accreditation mark/ Nama Quality Certification logo, NQC has right to take legal action as per applicable Section
  • -Major changes in the organization leading to the breakdown of the relevant management systems as per application standard.

APPEALS/ COMPLAINTS –  Nama Quality certification scheme endeavors to provide a prompt, competent, and impartial service to its clients. In case, an applicant & a certified company wish to make a complaint in respect of the operation of Nama Quality certification scheme or appeal against a decision of the Nama Quality Certification which is considered to be unfair and prejudicial to the interests. NQC will consider the complaint or appeal in accordance with Procedures Ref NQC/QP-07. Appeals and complaints shall be considered and reviewed by the appeal committee, and further action shall be processed based on the decision of the appeal committee recommendation. Complaints and appeals shall be raised by the client in the complaints and appeal form (NQC/F-90- Appeals and Complaints Form) the same are available at

USE OF LOGO – A certified company is entitled to use the Accreditation mark/ NQC logo on its stationery, advertising, and publicity brochure, etc. for promotional purposes but not on the actual product. The use of Logo is governed by the Nama Quality Certification conditions and instructions applicable to the use of Accreditation and certification marks by certificated companies.

The Certification Body may provide the Mark along with the Accreditation Body’s mark, in which case, the customer shall ensure that the Mark in no way to state, imply or suggest that the Accreditation Body accepts the responsibility for the accuracy of the Certification decisions covered by the scope of the certification.

Conditions for using of NQC and (EIAC) accreditation mark together.

Logo as below

ISO 9001:2015   Quality Management System

ISO 14001:2015   Environmental Management System

ISO 45001:2018 Occupational Health & Safety Management System

Conditions as below

The client can only use the NQC and (EIAC) accreditation marks together

Upon termination of the certification, the client shall discontinue all use of the mark immediately.

The certified client shall upon notice, discontinue any use of the mark which is considered to be unacceptable to the certification body.

CONFIDENTIALITY- The NQC, its employees, subcontractors, and agents agreed to maintain all information as confidential and not to use or disclose to any third party, any information derived from the Client in connection with the Services without the consent of the Client, except to the extent that it is reasonably necessary to enable the NQC to carry out the Services in accordance with the terms of the Agreement.

All assessments are conducted in complete confidentiality of the company’s activities NQC office staff and auditing personnel is bound by a confidentiality agreement to safeguard the client’s classified information. Where the NQC is required by law to release confidential information to a third party, NQC will notify the client in advance of the information provided.

SAFETY- The Client is responsible for ensuring that people including NQC personnel visiting the Clients site have adequate protective equipment for the environment they are likely to enter. Where specialist training is required, this is to be disclosed to NQC from the outset.

SHORT NOTICE ASSESSMENTS –  If required Nama Quality Certification may conduct audits at Short Notice to investigate complaints, or in response to changes, or as follow up to verify the status under Suspension of the certification or any other reasons to ensure the Objectivity of the Registration is maintained at client’s end.


(a) NQC shall not be liable for any delayed, partial, or total non-performance of the services arising directly or indirectly from any event outside the NQC control including failure by Client to comply with any of its obligations hereunder.

(b) The NQC shall have no liability for any indirect or consequential loss including without limitation loss of profits, loss of business, loss of opportunity, loss of goodwill and cost of a product recall, etc. It shall further have no liability for any loss, damage, or expenses arising from the claims of any third party (including, without limitation, product liability claims) that may be incurred by the client.

(c) The Liability resulting from the output of Assessment shall be limited to the value of Fees last received against Assessment or Surveillance audits.

OWNERSHIP OF REGISTRATION- The Certificate and the right to use the symbol shall remain the property of the NQC and cannot be sold, lent by the Client. Where the Clients business becomes bankrupt, goes into liquidation or receivership or there is a change of management, NQC may have to cancel the Client certification immediately, but NQC will consider individual circumstances. The Client shall notify NQC of any changes to the business as above.